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Introduction and Function of Sleeve Compensator

Time:2019-8-12 Click:224time

Introduction of sleeve compensator: Sleeve compensator, also known as tubular expansion joint, is mainly composed of sleeve, shell, sealing material and so on. It is a compensator directly installed in any pipeline conveying non-corrosive unidirectional or multidirectional fluid. It is mainly used to absorb and compensate the axial thermal expansion displacement appearing after the auxiliary installation of linear pipeline. It is the compensating installation of thermal fluid pipeline. It is widely used in transportation pipelines of urban heating, metallurgy, mining, power generation, petrochemical, construction and other industries. Direct-buried sleeve compensator can be buried directly underground, and maintenance wells are not installed when it is installed, so the project cost is low. Sleeve compensator belongs to a kind of compensating element, which utilizes the effective expansion and contraction deformation of bellows of its main body to absorb the size changes of pipelines, conduits, containers caused by thermal expansion and contraction, or to compensate the axial, transverse and angular thermal deformation of pipelines, conduits and containers. Sleeve compensator is used to compensate the axial expansion of pipeline and the axial rotation of arbitrary angle. It has the characteristics of small volume and large compensation. It is suitable for hot water, steam, grease and other media. It can compensate the thermal expansion by sliding sleeve against the sliding motion of sleeve. The sleeve compensator has designed the anti-pull-out device, which can ensure that it will not be pulled apart when it expands to the limit position, thus greatly improving the safety of the whole pipeline network. The inner sleeve of sleeve compensator is connected with the pipeline. The principle and structure of high performance self-pressure dynamic seal are adopted. It can slide freely in the outer shell with the expansion of the pipeline and can meet the sealing requirements of any pipeline. A new type of synthetic material is used to seal the shell and inner sleeve, which can resist high temperature, corrosion and aging. Compensator is mainly to ensure the safe operation of pipeline, which has the following functions: 1. Compensation for thermal deformation of absorption pipeline in axial, transverse and angular directions. 2. The expansion of the corrugated compensator facilitates the installation and disassembly of the door pipeline. 3. Absorbing equipment vibration, reducing the impact of equipment vibration on pipelines. 4. Absorbing the deformation of pipeline caused by earthquake and subsidence. Over the past few years, our Gongyi Hongsheng Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. has continuously developed new products, improved product quality, done a lot of research and experiments, put forward a new product structure, greatly improved the performance of the products, and won the praise of the vast number of users. If special specifications of products are needed, they can be designed and manufactured according to user's requirements. And sincerely hope that new and old customers, design units recommend the use of our company's products.

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