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Waterproof casing

Waterproof casing


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Ⅱ type rigid waterproofing casing
Ⅱ type rigid waterproofing casing are applicable for pipe wall don't inherit the pipeline vibration and expansion deformation of structure (building) structures, are applicable for pipe wall where space is limited or pipe installation prior to compose build (built) or pipe renewal and reconstruction. For areas with earthquake fortification requirements, such as using rigid waterproofing casing, should be in the wall or on the building's exterior wall pipe flexible connection thereto. Suitable for steel pipe, type B, type C for ductile iron pipe and cast iron pipe.

Ⅱ type rigid waterproofing casing
1, Ⅱ type rigid waterproof casing, suitable for cast iron pipe, can also be applied to nonmetallic pipe, but should be used according to the wall thickness of pipe fixed size.
2, wing ring and steel casing processing is completed, both in its outer wall paint primer again (primer ZhangDan or cold priming oil).
3, Ⅱ casing size shown in the table to the material weight of steel casing (sleeve length L value calculated at 200 mm) and the weight of the wing ring. Steel casing and wing ring made of A3 material, T42 electrode welding.
4, Ⅱ casing wall in the wall, in case of the concrete wall should be switched to the concrete wall, its range of pouring concrete, Ⅱ type casing should be colorful ring (D4) large 200 mm in diameter, and must be poured casing a solid in the wall. Packing should be closely compacted casing.
5, Ⅱ type waterproof casing of the concrete wall thickness, should be no less than 200 mm, otherwise one or both sides should make wall thickening, thickening of the diameter of the part, the minimum should be colorful ring (D4) large 200 mm in diameter.

Ⅱ type rigid waterproofing casing size table

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